Safety is not an inspiring topic.

How do you go from despondent to total buy-in?

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Spike Edwards - Speaker

Axiom: People matter. Leaders lead. And the culture grows itself to become the ultimate weapon in organizational improvement. 

Spike Edwards is at the center one of the most remarkable decades seen for stories of organizational transformation. In that time he has headed projects that have seen $1.84 billion returned to a company in regained production, the direct result of changing its organization around reducing the silos that had built up over the years, further earning a government enquiry to find out why the project was such a safety and business success.

Another example is a 27 year old rig being transformed from a business liability that nobody wanted, into a strong business asset with unprecedented 95% percent productivity. And a year of no injuries at all. This was achieved by using the same crews that they had hired in China and again brought them all the way down to New Zealand. Different codes different different ethics. However one thing is clear: Leadership matters and culture is everything.

Spike Edwards is a popular keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, and TEDx presenter. Spike's topics: Safety is Dangerous, Stop making safety a priority, Safety: the secret weapon. Spike's has presented to audiences all over the globe, in countries such as Brazil, China, Singapore, Australia, the United States.  Spike also brings with him 25 years of military training, including 15 years as a Special Forces operative.

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