Episode 15 – Kevin Wilde: Creativity and Innovation


About Kevin Wilde: 
Kevin Ehlinger Wilde is a nationally award-winning creative entrepreneur and speaker who overcame the challenges of growing up dirt poor to help top executives, teams and companies make the most of the resources they have, increase their creative intelligence, and discover disruptive market opportunities.

In 2001 he founded WildeSpark, an innovation and marketing company that provides highly interactive creative training, innovation strategies, and team-building solutions. He is the #1 certified U.S. trainer for Thinkergy innovation methods –currently used by companies like BMW, Mattel, Nestle, BANF and Greenpeace). And he is passionate about the impact innovation and creativity can have on the quality of life for ourselves and people around the world.

Connect with Kevin Wilde: 
Facebook: KE Wilde – Wilde Spark 
Website: WildeSpark.com 
LinkedIn: Kevin Ehlinger Wilde 
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You can have the most creative team in place, but if you’re leadership doesn’t support it, ideas aren’t going anywhere. If a company wants to be more innovative, more creative, it’s really got to start with the leadership."

Kevin Wilde

In this episode, Spike and Kevin discuss:

  • The three key issues that Kevin sees in working with businesses.
  • The challenge of the mindset.
  • Thinking out of your box to see what changes can be made - disruptive change can put companies out of business.
  • How leadership can help or hinder the innovation process.
  • Becoming your own competitor to take advantage of innovation and business growth.

Key Takeaways:

  • Having an innovation program can increase your performance over your competitors by significant margins.
  • Keep up on technology. Be aware – build a strong innovation team (such as TIPS - innovation profile system).
  • Have hundreds of ideas, the look at the ideas and see what the best of those ideas are.
  • Tap into the creative energy that is already on your team.

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