Episode 12 – Natalia Sanchez: Communication in Culture


About Natalia Sanchez: 
Natalia Diane Sanchez is a professional business and leadership development coach. She is committed to helping others live fully into their passions, and live boldly into their purpose by connecting more deeply with themselves and their work in business. Working primarily with business owners and career professionals, she helps people bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be, build stronger habits for long term business success, and discover their strength through their struggle.


Leadership is not management. I really had to learn how to inspire people and empower people to level up in their performance while also helping cultivate the culture so that they felt like they were experiencing something that they too were apart of - that it felt like they were contributing to the greater mission and they were a part of this greater vision.”

Natalia Sanchez

In this episode, Spike and Natalia discuss:

  • The difference in communication in a manager versus a leader.
  • The power of total team contribution and having everyone part of the greater vision.
  • Communication is successful when we treat people with integrity, kindness, and compassion.
  • 3 Things CEOs and Business Leaders need to change to become best in class or world class

Key Takeaways:

  • Lack of communication and support from ownership and management can lend to the destruction or vulnerability of a business and not to its success.
  • Be willing to educate yourself in areas you may not be as strong in.
  • Be aware of your mindset and your communication and how they are related in your day.
  • Boundaries and expectancy have a huge ROI in your company.
  • Consultants are a fantastic resource, but it is also up to the business leaders to be able to implement what they have learned from the consultant.

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