Episode 11 – Allison Carpio: Know Your Real Avatar


About Allison Carpio: Allison is a marketing consultant and copywriter who knows your customer better than they know themselves.  
That's because Allison specializes in avatar research. Then she turns that research into a high-performing marketing strategy.  
She's worked with clients like Bo Eason, T. Harv Eker, The Art of Charm, Bulletproof, and Dr. Kellyann.  
Grab your free copy of The 4 Avatar Myths infographic at allisoncarpio.com.

Connect with Allison Carpio: 
Twitter: @allisoncarpio 
Facebook: Allison Carpio 
Website: AllisonCarpio.com 
Instagram: @allisoncarpio


Listen. Listen to your customers. Listen to what they are saying, listen to what they are not saying. Listen very closely."

Allison Carpio

In this episode, Spike and Allison discuss:

  • Knowing who your customer to hone in your story.
  • The four Avatar Myths and truths of the avatar.
  • Three things business leaders/CEOs should know about story and avatar research.
  • Things to look for when working with your avatar.

Key Takeaways:

  • An avatar is a single, real person, who represents your real, ideal customer.
  • People are a lot more than what they just spend their money on.
  • Start with one avatar, go deep with that one, then you can add on another.
  • Keep an open mind, set your biases aside, and listen to your avatar.

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