Episode 10 – Dennis Dyce: Risk Management and Safety Culture


About ERGT and Dennis:
ERGT Australia provides a professional, engaging and safe training service using simulated environments to develop skills and behaviours that address safety-critical industry needs. Since 1994, ERGT has built a solid reputation in providing safety training for the Oil & Gas industry through people, processes, products and attention to detail. With eight training centres located in Western Australia, Darwin and Victoria, ERGT is well positioned to service the Oil & Gas sector as well as other high-risk industries. The Australian Oil & Gas industry is leading the world in safety training initiatives and ERGT is committed to helping ensure that these programs are successful in further improving safety culture.

Dennis Dyce :
The companies spokesperson Dennis Dyce  spent 25 years serving in Australian Army and many years of that was spent in Special Forces ( hence no photos) ensuring the safety of many a trainee

Dennis has also spent almost a further 25 years looking after the various facets of risk that associated with safety cultures around the globe.

Connect with Dennis Dyce: 
Website: ergt.com.au


Safety is long term. It’s not a quick fix operation.”

Dennis Dyce

In this episode, Spike and Dennis discuss:

  • Risk management verses safety compliance.
  • The three things that Dennis would recommend be put into business to reach an elite standard.
  • The importance of conditioning when you are putting a program in place to best achieve success.
  • Dennis’ biggest headaches with regards to safety and various programs.

Key Takeaways:

  • Risk is more encompassing than safety, but they are intertwined.
  • You can’t give up – you have to continue on with safety, even when it seems like you’re just going in circles.
  • Emergency management is only one component of business continuity – but it is important to have it squared away before an emergency happens.
  • Safety culture is a living, breathing entity. It must evolve over time.

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