Episode 09 – Cyndi Padilla: The Impacts of your Leadership


About Cyndi Padilla:
Cyndi is a sought-after Lifestyle Leader to ambitious women entrepreneurs. She is a 7-Figure Business-builder with expertise in leverage, scale and leadership development. She balances her business bad-assery with her reputation for BEING highly spiritual and creating mind-set & habits of high-performance. She has an unwavering faith and believes highly-successful women can create a life and have it EXACTLY as they choose. Cyndi's signature strengths are developing world-class teams and creating cultures of commitment, results and impeccable service.

Connect with Cyndi Padilla:
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/cyndi.padilla.16
Website:  www.gtenow.com/join40days
Email:   cyndi@gaintheedgenow.com
Instagram: @cyndipadilla
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cyndipadilla


I was going to change things if it was going to move us in the right direction, if we were going to see better sales, if we were going to see tighter operations, and a better working environment for them."

Cyndi Padilla

In this episode, Spike and Cyndi discuss:

  • Cyndi's background and how she got here today.
  • The effects that leaders have on their employees.
  • How to engage your workforce before engaging with customers.
  • The importance of morning rituals.

Key Takeaways:

  • Leaders can either raise or squash employees.
  • Leadership is first making sure that clients and employees are taken care of.
  • People need to know what the expectation is.
  • Leadership is a relationship, it has to be created with communication and a willingness to do work on both sides.

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