Episode 06 – Judy Morris: Feng Shui for a Better Life and Business


About Judy:
Judy Morris is a Master of Xuan Kong Fei Xing, a powerful system of determining best right actions for successful living. Time and Space calculations are tools for defining when and where the best locations for happy, healthy and increasing quality of life to be supported. The ancients passed down to us the secrets in code, ours to use the survival and comfort of life on planet earth. This system that began in China has morphed to the rest of the world. United Feng Shui uses the best of the best authorities available in this system to train others in this exquisite art and science.

Connect with Judy:
Website: www.unitedfengshui.com

Let’s see what we can move, what can we shift. You don’t have to tear the whole thing down and build a new building. You can adjust it. There’s ways to work with it."
Judy Morris

In this episode, Spike and Judy discuss:

  • How she adjusts environments to support people in making better informed choices
  • How she got interested in and began working in Feng Shui
  • The continued impact of her first projects that are proving Feng Shui works
  • The benefit of Feng Shui in business

Key Takeaways:

  • Create safety in your community will grow better leaders
  • Be clean, be honest, be real
  • You don’t have to tear down and start the building over, sometimes it is just moving a few things
  • There is connection between community and business and it is possible to work toward a win-win situation for all

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