Episode 03 – Cole Baker: Health and Safety in the Workplace


About Cole Baker:
Born 1984 in south Auckland nz moved to Pauanui a small east coast summer destination at age 8 where I fell in love with surfing moved to Raglan on the west coast at age 15 by myself to attend the raglan surfing academy for 2 years then found my way to Taranaki in search of waves and to finish my schooling. Failed at school got asked to leave so found a job to support my lifestyle chasing waves every day. Started traveling and fell in love with Indonesia spending up to 5 months a year in the tropics surfing. Working the rest of the year to fund my passion. This was my life for 10 years, however as you get older, acquire a house, partner 2 dogs ( no kids tho hahaha) life becomes a little different and figuring out the balance between work, life, family and the things you love is key! So safety in the workplace is important.


Talk with your workers not at your workers."

Cole Baker

In this episode, Spike Edwards and Cole Baker discuss:

  • Cole's story and background.
  • A story of when Cole worked at a company when they were not being safe.
  • In the workplace being forced to do unsafe processes.
  • Treating workers with respect, and the impact it has.

Key Takeaways:

  • Don't risk people's wellbeing just for a faster process.
  • If your employees are happy then, they will work harder in the workplace.
  • If you allow employees breaks then when they are working, they work harder.
  • Communicate and praise your workers instead of always beating down on them.

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