Episode 02 – Mike Sharpe: Safety Culture and Profitability


Mike Sharpe is a business-savvy business owner who saw early in his career and the writing on the wall, that if he used safety for the good of his enterprise, it would pay considerable dividends. With this in mind he set a course for the business and team to follow, and today New Plymouth Underwater is New Zealand’s premier occupational dive, sub-sea and marine support providers. They provide solutions to various sectors including occupational diving, remotely operated vehicles (ROV), salvage and recovery, ports and harbours, utility industries, offshore/onshore oil & gas industries, and marine engineering.

Also, to their credit, they are one of the very select few organizations in the world that have earned the coveted "Shell Diving Centre of Excellence” Certification. As a direct result have conducted operations throughout the Asian and Oceania regions. Safety Does Pay!

Connect with Mike:
Website:  http://www.newplymouthunderwater.co.nz

"Keep on boxing on because there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, it just may not come as soon as you’d want it to come, but it eventually does come.”
Mike Sharpe

In this episode, Spike and Mike discuss:

  • What Mike’s business does and how he got started
  • The importance of safety training and certification
  • The benefits of living the safety protocol, not just having it on the books
  • The difference between safety and safety culture

Key Takeaways:

  • When your employees are in a better headspace, safety will become paramount
  • The team you put around you is crucial for getting to where you want to go
  • It’s important to know your product and be able to answer questions whenever they come up
  • If you’re not living safety, you’re doing a disservice to your employees and the profitability of your company

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